River DeNile 2008

“River De-Nile” is series of work in which the I confront fear and denial in the face of history.


The Auction Block, 2008

Dear Mama, 2008


The Last Dawn in Eden

Oh Mother Queen of the night 

Your beauty has left my memory

Your soul still weeps within me

I sleep with eyes open searching for the light

In a world where left comes before right

Left right, left right, left right, left right left…

I still see the Dawn even though you are gone


I Knew No Name

 I came from a family in a village where my voice was free

We had a bond that they never understood, but so be it!

And after that day I knew no name, but the one you gave me


I Remember the Ship

Captured shackled and sold

Worth more than money, more than gold 

I still smell the spray from the Ocean I was forced to cross 

Days and nights no land in sight 

I beg for death with all my might


Children of God

If I were born a child of God, then why is my life so hard

I was born a slave in the land of the free and four hundreds

Even now I am still trying to free that which was inflicted on me


IF Only Tomorrow

Maggot, flies and honey bees, were a sign of what’s hanging in the trees

Picnic basket, baby in tow, come on family it’s time to go

The south had nothing to fear, it was the thing to do far and near

I see the remnant, I see the tear, I saw the shackles without being there.


Stand Firm Within

But a dream to be free would take more than just you and me

Look around and you’ll see, look inside you and you will find me

Stand firm, stand tall, let’s erase the writing from the walls

Stand firm within, stand tall….


Freedom unborn

Freedom still unborn banging on the doors of dawn

You gave me your books and told me your history

But why am I subject to your story when mine holds so much glory

For today is here, tomorrow’s gone

You are the reason I was born


The Chain Gang Stand

For the chain that was on my feet is now on my brain 

It’s like thorns wrapped around my pain 

Behind iron curtains castrated in shame 

It’s hard to win once you get in, for even if you fight 

At some point you’ll be forced to give in

Your life is over even before it begins


The White House

I built the White House with these hands of my ancestors 

Skin of dust, blue black, midnight chocolate brown 

These hands of rusted steels are the spines inside those walls

So when I share with you how I feel, don’t throw me a frown

And chase me out of town when in front sits a fountain oozing with 

Blood sweat and tears.


Butterfly on the Horizon

For Eden has dried up and flowers no longer bloom

Change must come now! Or our future is doom

My colors are fading and darkness is calling

One by one butterflies are falling 

And I don’t know, I just don’t know what to do

But I know I must do something 

And I need you.


Sofa De Children, 2008

I Am Beautiful, 2008

Black Pearls of the Atlantic, 2008

Black Pearls of the Atlantic, 2008