Memba Mi Tell Yu

(Listen Up, Take Note)

Climate change is real as the dragonfly amongst us...

Earth Mother, 2017

Nature's Bound, 2017

Yrneh Gabon Brown, will present his first major operetta/exhibition and Panel discussion on April 4-10, 2017, at the Otis College of Arts and Design.
Memba Mi Tell Yu (listen up, take note) is an operetta/exhibition consisting of performances utilizing songs, poetry and dance.


The exhibition addresses climate change and its effect on the ecosystem in California. The libretto will be carried through voice, movement, video projections and objects. Audience members will be participating in the last supper installation through food served in handmade ceramic vessels.


The California wildfires are a constant challenge and a great contributor to climate change to date and this poses several challenges to the ecosystem. Considering what is at stake Yrneh, is determined to use visual and performance art to further this environmental awareness project. ‘More specifically, I am interested in using the life of the dragonfly, as a motif to investigate and explore the changes in the ecosystems. The continuous California wildfires are undoubtedly contributing to climate change and so we must get involved at all levels.” Yrneh added.

Justice Denied, 2018

Trees Without Leaves, 2017


Kalifia Knows, 2017

Kalifia Knows, 2017

Climate Change Vessels